3-Month Kick-The-Ick Program


Our Ground-Breaking Kick-the-Ick Program Includes:

  • Shakti 3-Phase Signature Healing System to 1) Cleanse, 2) Regenerate, and 3) Balance, addressing the cause of your condition to help your body release symptoms
  • Scan & Plan 90-Minute Initial Consult and 2 additional hour-long Monthly Tune-Ups. Each appointment includes:
    • Shatki Whole Health Analysis using Zyto Biocommunication Technology to get periodic snapshots of your internal systems & measure progress
    • A health report of your organ-, hormone-, neurotransmitter-, food-, and pathogenic-stressors
    • A list of the supplements for which your body shows a preference
    • A tailored health plan that takes the guess-work out of healing and gives you ALL the action steps you need to help your body overcome any condition

In addition, you will receive:

  • 8 Frequency Sessions to assist the body in detoxifying pathogens, which can eliminate food cravings, brain fog, memory issues, digestive problems, pain, low mood, lethargy, and sleep issues
  • Customized Balancing Tincture to enhance emotional health
  • 10% Savings on Supplements
  • Access to Deep Package Savings on maintenance appointments to keep you feeling wonderful once you complete the program
  • Peace of Mind Guarantee – Your peace of mind is important to us and critical for your healing process. Plus, we know our systems work. Therefore, if you actively participate in your program, come to all of your appointments and sessions at the agreed upon timeline, follow the plan as suggested, and still aren’t feeling better by the end of your program, we offer a money-back guarantee.


  • 8 Audio Guided Meditations to help you stay grounded and centered from home, promoting further release and cellular cleansing
  • All nutrition forms, lifestyle checklists, your personal healing mantras, and copies of your health reports in a take-home package
  • Unlimited phone and email support during business hours for any quick questions, comments, or motivation needed during your healing process

Don’t put your health and life on hold any longer. As a result of our programs, you too can enjoy:

  • Greater efficiency & productivity
  • Improved relationships
  • Quality time with friends and family
  • Cost savings (no longer spending money on supplements that don’t work)
  • Peace of mind & stress reduction
  • The joy that comes from living at your most optimal

How long will you continue to waste your time, energy, and money on stuff that just doesn’t work and doesn’t give you answers? Put a stop to feeling frustrated and confused about your condition. Get razor-sharp clarity on exactly what you need to heal, feel better, and step into your BEST self.

"The health plan did wonders." -Kathleen W., Tulsa


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